Weather Beaten Archaeology Conference

Institute of Technology Sligo, 7-8th March 2015

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Coastal archaeological sites have always been vulnerable to erosion. In recent years this vulnerability has become a contentious issue when a variety of archaeological sites across Northern Europe were impacted by the winter storms of 2013-14. Stone forts fell into the sea. Castles crumbled to the ground. Shipwrecks, middens, timber trackways and ancient drowned forests were revealed for the first time in centuries. Heritage venues were flooded and a large number of archaeological sites were washed away entirely.

The annual winter storms now regularly require rescue work by governments and archaeologists, allow chance finds by members of the public and have necessitated the creation of citizen science schemes to report vulnerable / newly discovered sites.

The Weather Beaten Archaeology Conference is the first of its kind and will establish a forum for the exchange of experiences of extreme weather events and their impact on archaeological sites.


Who is coming?

Our speakers include Policy Makers, Environmental Geoarchaeologists, Climatologists, Archaeologists, Botanists, Historians and Social Media Commentators.

Although primarily concerned with experiences from Ireland, Iceland, Britain and France, the conference will extend a warm welcome to diverse experiences from around the world.

The main themes of the Conference include:1888993_555063134628019_8746986103096816240_o

  • The Winter Storms of 2013-14 – Lost Sites and New Discoveries
  • Predictive Climatology: Freak Events or Frequent Events?
  • Vulnerable Monuments at Risk of Weather
  • Mitigation: Monument Monitoring & Protection Methods
  • Revelation of Ancient Drowned Forests
  • Government and Heritage Organisations – Inundated with Data
  • The Public Response & Citizen Scientists

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Stay informed and keep up to date:

The Weather Beaten Archaeology Conference Website

Facebook  /weatherbeatenarchaeology 

Twitter @floodedheritage

Convener: Dr. James Bonsall, Applied Archaeology, Department of Environmental Sciences, School of Science, Institute of Technology Sligo, Ash Lane, Sligo, Ireland, email Bonsall.James@itsligo.ie


We’d like to acknowledge our generous Sponsors:

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